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Jon R. Olson

Jon Olson Born: April 4, 1965; Rapid City, South Dakota

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; International Business Relations Certificate, University of Copenhagen

Current Residence: Portland, Oregon

Current Occupation: Co-host of a Pacific Northwest Travel Show on television and an Entrepreneur. Jon is also a musician/singer, does voiceovers for commercials and is a budding model and actor.

Notable People/Events: Jon really digs his mom, Judy. As a very hip chick, she encouraged his optimistic "can achieve any goal" attitude and drive. Jude truly loves the fact that her baby is all grown up and running the Sofa-King Empire. She boasts that she always knew he'd be doing something Sofa-King noble... Sofa-King good for society... you get the picture. The most notable event in Jon's life was undoubtedly his first beer - 1,796,411 beers ago... and counting. Could he be Bob & Doug McKenzie's long lost brother?

Hobbies: Jon is an avid sports fan - as both a spectator and a participant. Don't get him started on the Huskers. He also loves music, travel, friends and family, and he adores children. As a fun-seeker, he accepts pretty much any invitation to a party with hot chicks and suds!

Brag n' Boast: Jon is an accomplished singer and trumpet player and recently completed his first CD, aptly titled, "Young Blue Eyes."

Jeff Dodge

Jeff Dodge Born: July 12, 1965; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business & Finance, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Current Residence: Lincoln, Nebraska

Current Occupation: Owner/Operator, Ramos Pizza; Professional Trumpet Player

Notable People/Events: Jeff defied all odds in May 1998 while driving late at night in Iowa. He nailed a deer right between the antlers. Less than two hours later, he hit a second deer in Nebraska and nearly killed himself. Now, whenever he's in a drunken stupor, Jeff can be heard muttering about the "ghost of Bambi" and thusly, has shunned all women named Bambi who otherwise might have been a decent lay.

Hobbies: Jeff is an overgrown water-baby, spending his spare time at a local lake taunting teenage girls with his jet ski. They get off on screaming at him as he zooms by, "Jeff... you're Sofa-King fast!"

Brag n' Boast: Jeff can play the shit out of the trumpet!

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