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To all those fancy schmancy search engines out there, we have this to say... who needs you! Screw Yahoo... they're Sofa-King lame. And forget Lycos and that dumb ass dog... we can't stand that bitch!

Instead, feast your eyes on our Links of the Week archive:
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    A Girls Guide to Geek Guys
    Girls - are you fed-up with "Mr. Slick"? Why not consider a man of intelligence, cunning and technical savvy?... A cerebral creature with a culture all his own... In short, a Geek. This site will educate you about Geek lifestyles, hangouts, and how they interact with their own kind. You'll have a Geek of your own in no time.

    Accidental Pregnancy Insurance
    Do you have a friend or relative about to get married? Impress them with this thoughtful gift! The certificate comes as a handsome, multi-page, legal looking document. Perfect for bridal showers.

    Alien Medical Team Collaborates with Humans
    Adrian Dvir from Israel hears interesting voices in his head aliens. They‚ve been collaborating with him since 1994 doing medical research on humans. According to Dvir, he was chosen by the aliens because of his telepathic abilities and charisma, His Web site is loaded with facts and proof that he‚s the real deal. We certainly have no reason to doubt him.

    Boo Berry Forever
    We all know that Boo Berry never got the credit he truly deserved. Count Chocula and Frankenberry took all the glory. But Boo Berry is hands down THE BEST CEREAL EVER CREATED AND MOUTHS WILL BE TURNED A GLORIOUS BLUE COLOR SO HELP US GOD!

    Bright Lights - Bright Kids
    Bright Lights is a private, non-profit organization that provides summer hands-on learning experiences for children in Lincoln, Nebraska. Every year they teach a class called Wondrous Web Pages that allows the kids to design their own Web sites. They come up with some great stuff...

    Bunny Survival Tests Home Page
    Though animal testing has often come under fire in the science community, such sacrifices are sometimes necessary for the betterment of mankind. No one knows this better the research team at the Bunny Survival Tests Lab. BST scientists have worked feverishly to determine the specific weaknesses and/or strengths possessed by common marshmallow bunnies. In order to determine this attributes, many volunteer bunnies and control bunnies risked their lives to take part in several painful experiments. The results? You'll have to check it out for yourself.

    Children's Books You Will Never See
    Many of us have heard and read the jokes over the years listing titles of children's books that will never be published. Someone finally took the time to gather them all together for us in a tidy little Web site. Enjoy!

    Computer Virus Stupidities
    If computers alone don't throw the average user into fits of paranoia, computer viruses will. But as with other aspects of computing, this deep concern fails to prompt any attempt on the user's part to learn the facts. This site highlights many of the strange but true tales of people trying to understand viruses.

    Derek's Big Web site of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts
    Derek has scanned in and archived receipts from every Wal-Mart purchase he‚s made since then end of 1996. Now here‚s a great use of your time as you prepare for the Christmas holiday.

    Don't Have a Fucking Cow, Man
    Mad-Cow has to be the most intriguing fatal disease on the planet. Imagine the scenario: you're walking along eating this hamburger, not knowing that as you munch, alien invaders are climbing out of the meat, through your tongue, bouncing like happy, yellow pac-men toward your brain which THEY will eat the way you're inhaling that burger. You don't know you're infected so you get married and have a child---who, you guessed it, is born with the Satan bug pre-loaded, already munching away at his brain.

    Dr. Bukk's Fake Teeth
    Tired of looking so good? Dr. Bukk can help. Certainly you've had the urge to put on a pair of fake teeth and yuck it up with the good 'ol boys down at the coffee house. Now you can! And you'll fit right in. Dr. Bukk sells only "artistic, finely detailed fake teeth for connoisseurs." Get 'em while their hot.

    Dumb Laws
    The most comprehensive list of dumb laws on the Net.

    Face Warping Fun
    Enough is enough! Many days have passed and we are still hanging in limbo to find our who our new president is. We can't think of a better way to pass the time while waiting than by twisting the candidate's faces out of whack. After all we're the ones who are going to have our faces twisted out of whack when we hear about the harebrained legislation they're going to push through once they hit the oval office. Give Al Gore spock ears or make Goerge W's nostrils the size of his home state. If there were justice in the world there would be one of these installed in every voting booth.

    Favorite Net Hoaxes
    In years gone by, pulling off a hoax took a lot of planning and orethought. For instance, when Orson Welles wanted to fool half of the United States' radio-listening population into thinking that the planet was being invaded by aliens, he had to start a theater troupe, get a contract with CBS Radio, and wait until Halloween to broadcast an adaptation of War of the Worlds in radio news-show format. But to wig people out these days, all you need is an email account, maybe a Web site, and an unhealthy attitude toward your fellow humans. Which may explain why Net hoaxes are so outrageously popular. This year the leg-pullers have been out in force--using email, the Web, and a new medium of choice, online auction sites--to spread mayhem. This is a recount of several of those schemes with full details and, when possible, the full-text version of the instigating notices.

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