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To all those fancy schmancy search engines out there, we have this to say... who needs you! Screw Yahoo... they're Sofa-King lame. And forget Lycos and that dumb ass dog... we can't stand that bitch!

Instead, feast your eyes on our Link of the Week:

Jerry Garcia Autopsy
Still bumming that Jerry ain't truckin' no more? Us too. 8-9-95 was a totally rough day. You know what though? You can still feel Jerry's magic - right here on this Web site. Yeah! So crank up the rad tunes, rip a few tubes and join us for a very special reenactment of the most rockingest autopsy of all time!!

Museum Of Dirt
You don't have to hound your favorite celebs to worship the ground they walk on, just take a trip to the Museum of Dirt! Here you can view dirt from various famous, and infamous, places from around the world. It contains dirt from such exotic locales as Alcatraz, Paris, Tiananmen Square, Ellis Island, Lambeau Field, and also contains many celebrity specimens. Also featured is a list of rejection letters when the creator solicited celebrity dirt with little success.

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